How do you know if someone is right for you, or vice versa. Maybe he or she is a distancer, too needy, suppressing sarcasm, hostility, and anger, is not very sexual, or thinks about sex all the time.The workshop I am facilitating in Independence, near Cleveland, Saturday and Sunday, September 16 and 17 will teach you how to read bodies in order to understand if that person will be a help or a hindrance in your life. If you don’t live in Cleveland, fly or drive in and we will help you find a place to stay. If you have friends in Ohio tell them about this great opportunity to learn how to do Core Energetics body readings to improve their lives.

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If you or your friends want to come and affordability is a problem talk to me so I can see if we can make some scholarships available.

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Dr. Karyne Wilner’s:   CORE ENERGETICS


The body is an authentic expression of your physical, emotional, and mental state. Your present personality, current stressors, as well as past trauma is reflected in your body. As a body reader and energy psychologist with classes around the world I will teach you how to tap into the body’s great knowing so you can flesh out your ability to attune to another.

At some point we have crossed paths. And, since the body is ever-changing and ever in need of new considerations the role of this work that I have been teaching for many years is definitely suited for you today, too!

The body is a powerhouse. It reveals information about:

● a person’s wounds
● prior history
● present day struggles
● higher-self qualities, potential and capabilities

I am offering a course in body reading this coming September. It is the one of the few I will be doing this year as I am busy with my 2-year professional program starting up again this coming fall of 2017! 
Body readings can help your goals to:
●      Enhance and grow business relationships
  •  Nurture therapeutic relationships
  • Increase the pleasure of social relationships.
In this interactive workshop, you will learn:
* The basics of how to conduct a body reading
* Interpreting what the body is revealing
* How to approach a body reading with sensitivity
* How to receive a person in their wholeness
* How to sensitively communicate or use this information
Saturday, September 1610:00am to 6:00pm and Sunday, September 179:30am to 5:00pm
Workshop Fee: Early Bird $249 before August 1 or Standard Fee $299 after August 1 ** Workshop fee applied to registration fee for anyone who applies and is admitted to the Cleveland Core Energetics Training Program.
Location: Cleveland Center for Conscious Living, 6611 Rockside Rd, Suite 210, Independence, OH
For Questions – contact David at 216-544-9472 or
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