Advancing the Mind-Body Connection: Seeking Embodiment in the Psychotherapeutic Process

Bringing the Body Into the Work
March 7, 2015

The somatic, implicit, and nonverbal impact of overwhelming emotional and physical experiences will be explored in this seminar. Silent guided experiential processes will teach clinicians how to track somatic, emotional, and cognitive responses to clinical material, illuminating Bucci’s Multiple Code Theory as a theoretical model for understanding and treating trauma. Recent advances in the neuroscience of trauma will be explicated. Discussion of detailed clinical process will afford opportunities to identify the implications of Bucci’s model and enhance clinical skill in engaging the unspoken dimension in helping people recover from overwhelming experiences.

Dr. Frances Sommer Anderson, PhD, SEP, Psychologist, psychoanalyst, pain and trauma specialist, is recognized internationally for psychoanalytic publications about the body; books include Relational Perspectives on the Body (1998) and Bodies in Treatment (2007). Dr. Anderson and Eric Sherman, PsyD co-authored Pathways to Pain Relief (2013), a collection of case studies illustrating their psychodynamic treatment of chronic pain. She will give the 22nd Annual John Bowlby Lecture in London (April 2015), using clinical examples to elaborate how early attachment disruptions can be related to the development of chronic pain in later life; she will also give a workshop on Experiencing the Pain Matrix ® at the Bowlby Centre. She practices in Manhattan.

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