An Introduction to NARM™ – Online Webinar

The NeuroAffective Relational Model™ (NARM) is a powerful theoretical and clinical model for navigating the complexities of relational, developmental, and attachment trauma. NARM is an integrative approach that offers a coherent model for working with developmental trauma, and works with the link between psychological issues and the body. It is a both a psychodynamic and nervous system/somatically-based approach designed to help build clients’ capacity for self-regulation and interpersonal connection.

The following NARM Practitioner Trainings will begin in 2017-2018 in the following cities: Columbus, Ohio; Chicago, Illinois; Berkeley, California; Austin, Texas; Durham, North Carolina; and Maui, Hawaii. We also have many NARM trainings beginning in Europe.

NARM Introductory Online Webinar

This 2-hr online webinar will offer an overview of developmental trauma from a NARM perspective. Understanding and being able to work with developmental dynamics is critical for helping our clients in their healing process. We will look at how clients’ life experiences present themselves in the context of a complex, psychobiologically-driven relational framework that is often largely unconscious. This framework, laid down by our early attachment experiences, shapes our development, who we are in the world (our self), and how we relate to others. When clients are having difficulty shifting out of patterns of dysregulation, these implicit dynamics are at play and must be addressed. The NARM approach weaves together a somatic or body-based (bottom-up) process while simultaneously working with clients’ identity and relational dynamics (top-down).

Webinar Format:

– Overview of NARM’s theoretical and clinical approach to developmental trauma
– Lecture and experiential exercises on each of the five adaptive survival styles
– Video demonstrations of Dr. Laurence Heller using the NARM approach
– Orientation to the 2-year NARM Practitioner Training Program
– Q&As and Discussion

Cost: $35

*** NARM Training Discount: By attending this Intro workshop, you are eligible for a $35 discount when you complete the first NARM module in 2017 – for more information, contact the local NARM Coordinator in the city you are interested in attending the training.

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