Cornelia Gerken Dreams Painting

Connect to an innate guiding intelligence and creative potential

Cornelia Gerken, CMP, ECP

April 23 + 24, 2016

Neuroscience documents that we access more of our neuronal network and brain capacity when we dream. When we awake, we tend to narrow our experience to the paradigm that we call our Self and to our developed beliefs. With the Body-Dream-Process,™ we engage with our dreams through an experience that addresses and affirms the unity of the body-feelings-mind-continuum and unlocks its tremendous potential.

Dreams embrace different realities simultaneously. They may offer information about your health, your intra-psychic reality, your personality, as well as bringing up questions concerning relationships and how you relate to the world. Dreams address your soul’s journey, spiritual aspects of your being and the collective consciousness.

Speaking to all levels of our existence makes conscious dreaming so profound.

Dreams make the direct link between spirit and soul accessible.

As Somatic Therapist and Core Evolution trainer, Cornelia Gerken is uniquely skilled to work with what lies below the surface of our awareness. Our bodies like our dreams, are portals to our unconscious. Both speak a different language; one is symbolic, the other kinesthetic and felt. However, they both represent an energetic dynamic and state of the person. In this process we do not interpret dream symbols but come to understand dream-messages through an embodied experience and through direct communication with the intelligent field.

The Body-Dream-Process™ expands dream-work by exploring through our bodies and somatic awareness, personalized movements, gestures and mindful processing. It is a powerful and integrative approach – connected to our personal, spiritual and collective evolution.

Cornelia offers tools that are easy to learn and to apply to unlock the gift that a dream offers you as a guiding message for a lifetime.

Place: Puerta de la Luna Center, Santa Fe, New Mexico
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