Bioenergetic Basics: Introducing the Core Concepts and Basic Techniques of Bioenergetic Therapy in 6 full day sessions. Bioenergetic Therapy is a highly effective therapeutic approach that combines work with the body and the mind in the context of a therapeutic relationship to help people change at a deep level. This workshop is designed to give professionals in the healthcare field some basic functional knowledge of Bioenergetics through lecture, demonstration, and experiential processes. Bioenergetic theory and techniques will be taught and participants will have the opportunity to practice the techniques. The meetings will also include Bioenergetic exercise classes and demonstrations of Bioenergetic psychotherapy sessions.

“New brain research on the impact of trauma validates the importance of somatic processes to resolve deep wounds. Bioenergetic has many tools that can be very effective with even the most difficult traumas.”

Bioenergetic Basics is for:

· psychotherapists and mental health practitioners who want to add somatic psychotherapy work to their practice

· practitioners of other disciplines who want to learn about the Bioenergetic approach to psychotherapy

· individuals who want to learn about Bioenergetic therapy for personal growth


Participants will learn effective body based techniques to apply to:

· depression

· anxiety

· trauma and PTSD

· general unhappiness with life

· relationship challenges


Program offered in the following locations:


Miramichi, New Brunswick
Contact: Leslie Ann Costello, Ph.D., CBT
506 206 2667

Toronto, Ontario
Contact: Carol Melnick, MSW, RSW, CBT
Central Canada Society for Bioenergetic Analysis

Guelph, Ontario
Contact: Alex Munroe, MSW, RSW, CBT
Southern Ontario Society for Bioenergetic Analysis

United States:

Cambridge, Mass
Contact: Susan Kanor, MA, CBT
Dates: 9/24/16, 11/5/16, 12/3/16, 2/4/17, 3/4/17, 4/1/17

Contact: Ann Coleman, LMSW, CBT

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