Dear Clinical Colleagues,

Thank you for considering this request to participate in a clinical research survey that explores the use of body-based somatic awareness, and somatic intervention techniques by licensed clinicians (clinical social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors) in the treatment of patients/clients who suffer from trauma-related conditions. This research is being conducted in partial fulfillment for my doctorate degree at Smith College School For Social Work.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that some clinicians are adapting, and utilizing body-based somatic awareness and somatic interventions in their treatment with individuals diagnosed with PTSD, and/or other forms of traumatic stress.

Please collaborate with other colleagues to contribute your clinical knowledge and experience by taking part in this important research. As a fellow clinician, I know you are likely very busy. This survey is brief (10-15 minutes), and your clinical experience is vital to this research.

The power of relationships cannot be underestimated, and I believe the success of this research depends on asking for your help to reach as many clinicians using somatic interventions as possible. Please forward this email/survey invitation to your colleagues. This survey is being distributed nationally and internationally.

With gratitude,

Mary Curry, LCSW, Doctoral Candidate

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