Embodied Recovery 

A trauma-informed, relationally-oriented and somatically-integrated treatment

for eating disorders.

Embodied Recovery – is a cutting-edge approach to the treatment of eating disorders that draws from the latest research in traumatology, interpersonal neurobiology, and child development.

This pioneering somato-psycho-social approach highlights the body as a “re-source” in the recovery process rather than a source of distress to be managed. Our core principles address the intersection between somatic organization, the subjective experience of self, and our basic human need for attachment/bonding and protective defenses. The science behind the training is supported by the contributions of pioneers such as Peter Levine, Dan Seigel, Stephen Porges, Pat Ogden, Bonnie Bainbridge, and Allan Schore.

Participants will:

  • Learn basic symptomology of and DSM V diagnostic criteria for Eating Disorders.
  • Understand benefits and limitations of traditional ED treatment for In-patient, Residential, PHP (intensive outpatient), and outpatient levels of care.
  • Understand the ethics, efficacy, and protocol for usage of a team approach to treating eating disorders.
  • Gain skills in comprehensive assessment using the somato-psycho-social model.
  • Increase ability listen and communicate through the language of the body to access unprocessed trauma and attachment injuries.
  • Expand knowledge of the nervous system phases and strengthen skills to support affect regulation in individuals with eating disorders.
  • Deepen understanding of the neurobiology of trauma and attachment and their effect on eating and digestion.
  • Select specific somatic resources to facilitate embodiment, increase somatic attunement between client and therapist, and enhance effectiveness of current

Visit our website: www.Embodiedrecovery.org for information on our upcoming NC training designed for somatically integrated providers. 

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