In this weekend retreat, you will discover tools that will create profound changes in how you experience yourself and live your life.

This work is an amazing embodied process to deepen your personal growth. For therapists and healers, it will add to your understanding of somatic practices. For persons in long-term recovery, it goes to the heart of the deeper issues that may have driven addiction in the first place.

Join us for a program that includes individual exploration and group work, facilitated by some of our most seasoned faculty members.

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Through a powerful combination of experiential exercises, presentations, and group discussion you will:    

  • Learn what your physical body reveals about you, your beliefs, and what it communicates to others that is outside your awareness.

  • Learn the key elements of personality development and how they relate to your current behavioral patterns and circumstances.

  • Learn five main personality types and how they are visibly expressed in the body.

  • Learn how blocked energy flow impacts your physical health, emotional well-being, and spiritual expression.

  • Develop greater emotional and relational intelligence.

  • Discover a path that puts you squarely in charge of creating your life.

  • Get a felt sense of who you are at your very best.

No matter where you are in your personal journey, this retreat will support you in taking your next step. Join others, like you who seek authentic connection, love, meaning, and purpose.

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