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The INSTITUTE OF CORE ENERGETICS offers a variety of dynamic experiential programs in a residential 3-day format which meet 5x a year in Litchfield, CT and begin each fall.

Programs include:

•  Introductory Weekends (held in the fall and spring of each year) for those who wish to experience Core Energetics and what the Institute offers.
•    4 Year Core Energetics Practitioner Certification Program
•    4 Year Embodied Leadership Training Program
•    2 Year Personal Transformation Program
•    Postgraduate Program (Year 5) for certified graduates of Core Energetics programs around the world.

Core Energetics is an approach that bridges body psychotherapy and spirituality and emphasizes the center of energetic wholeness (the Core) within each individual. The work honors and takes place on every level of being: body, emotions, mind, will and spirit, with the intention of freeing and integrating the life force that becomes blocked at these different levels as a result of environmental deficits during critical stages of early development.The assertion in Core Energetics, however, is that we not only seek to heal from our historical emotional injuries, but that as humans we also strive to reach our highest potential and express our Core qualities in the world.

Dr. John Pierrakos MD, who worked with Wilhelm Reich, co-founded Bioenergetics with Alexander Lowen. Later he developed Core Energetics when he integrated the transpersonal concepts from the spiritual model known as the Pathwork, a series of lectures by Eva Broch, with the body psychotherapy techniques of bioenergetics. Pierrakos felt that the spiritual dimension was a crucial and missing component of body psychotherapy approaches, and often called Core Energetics an evolutionary model and not just a body psychotherapy approach.

The Core process takes the individual through several stages, each of which invite us to a deeper level of consciousness and greater integration of previously disowned energies. Defensive strategies are dismantled that manifest in the body, mind and emotions, while a new sense of grounding and empowerment is supported as individuals ground in the truth of what is, with less ego fear and shame as self-responsibility expands. These stages are: penetrating the mask; releasing and transforming the lower self; centering in the higher self; and living the life plan.

Core Energetics interventions support an expanded ability to contain energy: to feel and tolerate a variety of emotional states from the subtle to the powerful. Increased satisfaction in inter and intra-personal dynamics grows as a result of responsible acceptance of all of our energy, as feelings are owned, natural organismic movements liberated and the heart opens. The result is a marked increase in vitality, creativity and pleasure in living.

Institute Mission Statement

The mission of the Institute of Core Energetics is to provide quality training in holistic body centered therapy, focusing on the integration of body, mind, spirit, and emotion. Our approach emphasizes the synthesis of the didactic, the experiential and the scientific providing relevant techniques, theory, and practice that connect energy theory, body psychotherapy & Spiritual intelligence with traditional approaches to mental health and wellness.

The Institute of Core Energetics believes in the importance of cultivating a desire to understand, appreciate, and value the ethnic, cultural, religious, and sexual diversity that make up humankind, and considers that a critical part of the growth process of each individual.



Website:  http://www.coreenergetics.org/