Types of articles that are considered for the Journal include the following: original research articles, research reports, review articles, new methodologies, theoretical articles, and letters to the editor. A descriptive list is at the end of this document. Submission of an article to the International Body Psychotherapy Journal represents certification on the part of the author that it has not been published or submitted for publication elsewhere. Once an article is submitted, the editor-in-chief will review for the following:

  • Does the manuscript inform the field and add to the body of knowledge?
  • If it is a familiar topic, is there some unique perspective that enhances existing knowledge of the topic?
  • Is the manuscript respectful toward other modalities or parts of the field?
  • Do the findings/results/conclusions answer the research question or respond to the main thesis of the manuscript?
  • Has the author explored all angles of bias to avoid findings and results that allude to something other than it purports to be?
  • Are there considerations given for further similar studies based on the results of the study, or are there further questions to consider?

Acceptance, Revision, or Rejection?

If the article is deemed appropriate by the editor-in-chief, the article will then be sent to peer review, and the submission will be reviewed by three peer reviewers. Authors will receive collated, anonymized feedback within two months based on the following:

  • Accept the article as it is.
  • Accept the article with the provision that the author make minor revisions following the reviewers’ and editor’s comments. The author will then resubmit the manuscript with revisions and will undergo a second review.
  • Ask the author to substantially revise and resubmit the article. The author will then resubmit the manuscript with substantial revisions and will undergo a second review.
  • Reject the article if there article is not deemed by two or more reviewers to make a relevant contribution to our field or otherwise fails to meet our standards of quality. If it is felt to be suitable for another publication, we will suggest where else the author might submit it.

Please note that if the manuscript is returned for revisions, it is considered a viable contribution to the Journal. This is not a rejection. You are strongly encouraged to utilize the reviewers’ feedback and to return the revised manuscript as soon as possible in order to keep the editing and publishing process in flow. A revised manuscript should be returned in one to three months, as per the editor-in-chief’s request, Thereafter, it is reviewed for clarity and consistency of language by the editorial staff and given to the author for final proofing. No further changes may be made once this final proof is received by the IBPJ.