October 24, 2015

ADTA 50th Anniversary Conference: Reflecting, Reaching, Moving Forward

San Diego, California

Saturday Morning Panel (seminar D-7). 10:30-12:30

ADTA Panel Presenters:

Joan Chodorow, PhD, BC-DMT

Linda Aaron-Cort, MA, BC-DMT

Cynthia Berrol, PhD, BC-DMT

Sandy Dibbell-Hope, PhD, BC-DMT

Nancy Gurian, LMFT, BC-DMT

Ellen Searle LeBel, LMFT, CST-T, BC-DMT

Tina Stromsted, PhD, LMFT, LPCC, BC-DMT

This panel presentation is based on the cross-cultural psychology of C. G. Jung, the analytic method of active imagination, and Authentic Movement as one of the branches of dance/movement therapy. Reflecting years of seminar study and discussion, we embrace shared teaching, presenting, and moving together.

ADTA Conferrence_DancersOur process illuminates transgenerational, multi-cultural and other dimensions of human development. We have studied and explored the ancestors, early memories, the multi-sensory nature of the psyche, the relationship between consciousness and the unconscious (including the cultural unconscious and cultural complexes), with special attention to moods and emotions contained by diverse perspectives on the mover-witness relationship. Experiential explorations of these and other topics, an important component of the seminars, includes various practices, encompassing elements of authentic movement, improvisation, sandplay, art, journaling, as well as elements of choreography that may emerge as repeatable choreographic themes.

This panel presentation will comprise two primary components: lecture/discussion, and brief experiential amplifications drawn from the contributions of Mary Whitehouse, Trudi Schoop and other DMT pioneers. Each of the seven panelists will present on one aspect of Dance/ Movement and Active Imagination.



Conference Registration: http://www.adta.org/2015-Conference

For more information: http://www.authenticmovement-bodysoul.com/workshops/dancemovement-active-imagination-personal-cultural-archetypal-dimensions/

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