Dear USABP Community,

Our community has a rich pool of untapped resources which we want to bring to light. In addition to published articles, books and book chapters, there are valuable scholarly works and hundreds of well-researched dissertations languishing in obscurity.

We want to create a resource within our community that reflects how our holistic approach to emotional and psychological healing is safe, relevant, and effective for clients of diverse backgrounds. We believe that beginning with an organized approach to data collection and dissemination is a way to grow the evidence-base research for somatic psychotherapy.

To this end, we invite you to share your scholarly work in order to build an online library and educational resource for researchers and for those who want to know more about our field and its valuable contributions. We envision doing this in several ways and we are open to suggestions:

  • Posting links and reviews to your articles, books, book chapters, and dissertations here on our blog.
  • Showcasing dissertation research by inviting interested practitioners to write a review that synthesizes their work in an easy to read and informative text to post on our blog.
  • Helping move the field of Somatic Psychology further into the mainstream by encouraging you to post your work to Academia, Google Scholar, Mendeley, ResearchGate, or other scholarly outlets.

Let’s inspire each other to grow the evidence-base and collaborate in multi-disciplinary teams where appropriate.

Our field has a huge potential to bring much needed change in healthcare practices and to stimulate advances in culturally-responsive treatments that reduce cultural disparities. Let’s show that we are prepared, as a specialty, to lead the way to systematic investigation of body-inclusive clinical work and reach out to practitioner-scholars across disciplines.

Your USABP Team,

Chris, Aline, Karen