THIS WORKSHOP OFFERS a framework for avoiding compassion fatigue, boosting resilience and promoting wellness. The core skills of Awareness, Balance, Connection (Saavkitne & Pearlman, 1996) and Self-Compassion (Neff, 2013) are explored in theory and in action. In addition to full psychodramas, brief action structures and theoretical processing, this workshop offers optional yoga, yoga nidra and massage so participants can practice selfcare during the four-day experience.

Over her 30+ year professional life, Cathy Nugent has held the vision to offer opportunities for dramatic transformations—deep healing, powerful learning and high-level wellness leading to more enriched and fulfilled lives. For this workshop, Cathy is joined by her long-time friend and colleague Linda Ciotola. Recipient of the 2008 Zerka T. Moreno Award, Linda is a highly experienced and creative psychodramatist with special expertise in holistic health and self-care practices.


4 Day Non Residential Workshop June 2017

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