Dear member of the global embodied cognition community,

As an expert in the field of Embodied Cognition, you may be interested to know that our special edition “Embodied Cognition: An Applied Perspective” has recently been published in Sensoria: A Journal of Mind, Brain & Culture (formerly e-Journal of Applied Psychology).

With this edition we acknowledge long cultural, philosophical and scientific history of this field, and move to promote both cohesion and diversity among the wider contemporary Embodied Cognition program.

The collection of work in this edition demonstrates the diverse fertile relationships that are arising globally within this domain among theory, experimentation and application.

Sensoria has introduced an “add comment” function for individual articles, which we home scholars and professionals will utilise as a means of engaging in productive conversation among the global Embodied Cognition community.

We hope you enjoy this edition and share it with your network.

Warm regards,

Special Edition Co-editors
Nuwan Leitan, PhD
Lucian Chaffey, PhD

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