Finding Resiliency: Regulating Trauma’s Grasp

Teacher(s): Sakti Rose
Date: 5 Mondays: January 22 – February 19, 2018; 10:00am – 12:00pm
Location: Community Meditation Center
Cost: $125 – 200 sliding scale. Code SR1C18.
Register: OPEN-Register Here

Traumatic events can leave physiological and emotional scars that alter neurological structures and functions, which in turn can inhibit our progress on the path of awakening. In this class series, we will develop a body of skills that we can use to recognize and reduce the painful effects of trauma and thereby free up energy for meditation. Together, we will explore healing practices to help bring deeper meaning, connection, and freedom to our lives and practice.

This 5-week class is designed for meditators who have encountered barriers in their meditative experience and are unsure as to why.

Both new and experienced meditators are welcome.

Teachings are appropriate for the general public as well as health care professionals. Health care professionals will be able to incorporate the tools and practices offered in this class series when working with clients. See below for more information, including attendance requirements.

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