Do you have clients who are stuck, get into repetitive ruts, get lost in self-analysis or self-criticism? Do you believe in valuing your clients’ intrinsic wholeness and inherent knowing of what their own growth direction is? Have you been looking for a way to help your clients go past analyzing and story-telling, directly to their own inner source of change?

We believe that clients hold the keys to their own best way forward and that a healing professional who knows how to help clients unlock the inner doorway to change is a priceless resource in the transformation process. So we’ve created this program to help people like you facilitate shifts from the inside out – with presence; gentle, even radical acceptance; and a clear focus on the client’s wholeness.

We hope you’ll join us for 4 weekends of transformational training in a client-centered and body-based practice. 4 weekends, starting Oct 21-22, 2017. Workshop in Berkeley, CA. Cost: $1795 until September 28, 2017. CE units provided. Free Open house available. Find out more here.

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