*Free* Focusing in Clinical Practice Training Program Teleconference Open House 

Join us for this Teleconference Introduction to our Brand New In-Person Training Program and We’ll Introduce You to the Benefits of Working from a Focusing-Oriented Perspective.

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September 4th, 2014

10:00AM – 11:00 AM Pacific Time

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  • Share with you the powerful, immediate benefits Focusing can bring to your work with clients without having to teach them a technique or even let them know you’re using one.
  • Give you a firsthand experience of the way listening from a Focusing perspective opens doorways to fresh information and possibilities for new ways forward, even by just incorporating a few select words.
  • Demonstrate the client-centered, somatic orientation that informs the heart of Focusing work and creates an ideal environment for intrinsic change by finding the place inside that is free of frozen structures and allows shifts to happen more easily.
  • Fill you in on the details of our newest training program and all the transformational training you’ll receive when you join us in October.
  • You’ll also get a chance to get to know your teacher, Ann Weiser Cornell, and ask your burning questions about Focusing and how this program can benefit you as a Healing Professional.

A personal note from Ann,

If you’ve been struggling with stuck clients, feeling overwhelmed or burnt out in your work, wondering how you can help your clients come into new relationship with old material, if you’re in need of a self-care practice you can use easily in the moments between sessions…if you value client-centered work and body-based processes and want to know how to incorporate them in your practice or deepen your work with them…our Focusing in Clinical Practice Training Program might be right for you.

I believe that a client holds the keys to her/his own best way forward and that a healing professional who knows how to help clients unlock the inner doorway to change is a priceless resource in the transformation process. I’ve created this program to help people like you facilitate shifts from the inside out – with presence; gentle, even radical acceptance; and a clear focus on the client’s intrinsic wholeness.

Come join me for the Open House Teleconference. I look forward to being with you there.” 


How is this different from the Inner Relationship Focusing Training Program?

This course is taught live and in-person in Berkeley, CA. You get to spend 4 weekends in Ann’s warm, compassionate, engaging presence while learning with a cohort made up of other healing professionals. Our IRF Program is taught by phone and in a mixed group of healing professionals and non-healing professionals.

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