Focusing is a powerful process that can shift emotional stuckness into ease and balance. But it’s not always clear how Focusing can be of direct help when we’re confronted with the struggles of daily life.

The Urge to Indulge

When: July 25, 2017, 11:00AM – 12:30PM Pacific Time
Cost: $39 until July 19th, $49 after

A message about this webinar from Ann Weiser Cornell:

“Why did I eat that cookie?” “Why did I take that third glass of wine?” “Why did I stay online so long and get to bed so late?”

Despite careful plans and good intentions, the urge to indulge can hijack us into doing something that we are sorry for later. For me, it’s usually when I am tired, at the end of a long day, that I can’t resist that bag of potato chips. I eat it all – and then instead of feeling good, I feel angry at myself for “pigging out” – and despairing of this habit ever changing.

But that doesn’t happen as often as it used to. Now I know some ways to stay present when the temptation to soothe myself with old unhealthy habits comes up. More often than not, I now choose to do some knitting – or some Focusing – instead of eating the chips. I’ve learned how to sense in my body for what needs soothing and care – and what kind of soothing it really needs.

And most amazing of all, I have learned to do this without activating an inner critical voice to scold me or make me feel bad… which I know just makes things worse.

In this seminar on Focusing in Daily Life, I will show you how to move into a new relationship with the part of you that reaches for the cookie and the part of you that makes you feel bad for doing it. You’ll come away with powerful and practical moves you can use immediately to give yourself genuine care and soothing instead of getting carried away by old habits.

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