A Self-Paced, 5-Day E-Course

This e-course consists of 5 lessons, and in each one, we will give you a practice that will make an immediate difference in how you approach your life right now, today, this moment. Each practice adds to your resources and fits with the others. By the end of the e-course, you’ll have 5 integrated ways to shift your energy and Get Bigger Than What’s Bugging You!

Feeling Lost? Like Your “Inner Compass” Is All Over the Map?

If you’ve ever struggled with anything like this, you know from experience that our strong emotional states can sometimes feel like they’re taking us over. You feel small, overwhelmed…or maybe you have thoughts of not being able to handle it. Maybe you’re reactive out of proportion to what’s actually happening, blowing up or bursting into tears at little criticisms or panicking at little setbacks. Too often your family makes you feel crazy or your clients irritate you. Whatever you’re going through…you’ve tried talking yourself out of the feelings, but they persist anyway.

Keep Calm & Carry On? Doesn’t Work, Does It?

I know this: it absolutely doesn’t work to try to stuff our feelings and impose calm. “Get over it.” “Think lovely thoughts.” All those positive thinking methods share the same problem: they ignore what is so.

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