Are you stressed? Out of touch with yourself? Feeling confused about how you feel and what to do?

With our Level One Focusing course, we’ll begin to teach you all about the wisdom of the body and how it can help you. To us, Focusing is more than just paying attention to the task at hand.

Focusing encourages you to engage with feelings that come up when you sense inwardly. With this type of attention, your emotions get what they need in order to transform. And if you’ve dipped into mindfulness, you’ll learn that Focusing is mindfulness and more.

We’ll show you how even your most difficult emotions can be sources of positive change and growth.


Not Sure About Focusing Yet? Want a Free Taste of What You’ll Learn?

Let us show you how Focusing can help you in as little as one hour.

Sometimes we just need a little something more to help a decision along – maybe a personal interaction, or an experiential sense of what’s being offered, or even additional information – well here’s something more we hope will help if you’re just not sure yet.

Join us on February 24th from 4:00pm to 5:15pm Pacific for a Free* interactive Inner Relationship Focusing Training Program Open House will be where you can hear about:

  • Specific ways that Focusing can make a difference in your life
  • How the experience of being deeply listened to in Focusing Partnership can lead to the greatest potential for change you can imagine

You’ll also meet our program faculty. Learn about the content, format and structure of the program. Please feel free to bring your burning questions about Focusing.

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