International Body Psychotherapy Journal
The Art and Science of Somatic Praxis
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The International Body Psychotherapy Journal (IBPJ) is a peer-reviewed journal jointly published by the European Association for Body Psychotherapy and the United States Association for Body Psychotherapy. The Journal’s aim is to offer a publication of excellent articles that stimulate an exchange of ideas by promoting the theory, practice, and research in somatic psychology and body psychotherapy.

In addition to publishing articles by authors from the somatic psychotherapy community, the Journal invites contributions from a range of disciplines such as psychology, sociology, neuroscience, and other behavioral sciences, as well as medical and health professions in order to aptly reflect the interdisciplinary aspects of somatic psychology.

The Journal is an Open Access publication. Full issues and .pdfs of individual articles are freely available on the IBPJ website. We do not charge fees to authors. IBPJ publishes Open Access in order to broaden the dissemination of quality-controlled, peer-reviewed articles on body psychotherapy.

Initial submissions should be emailed to Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Jacqueline Carleton, as a Microsoft Word attachment. Receipt of your article will be acknowledged.  If you do not receive acknowledgement that we received your article within two weeks, please resend it. The IBPJ is published twice annually, and submissions are accepted on a rolling basis.  Peer review can take up to two months, but requests for status updates may be directed to the editor-in-chief after six weeks. Careful perusal of the criteria for acceptance will expedite acceptance of your article.

When an article is received by the IBPJ, it is first previewed by Dr. Carleton and anonymized by the editorial staff ( before it is sent out for consideration by three peer reviewers chosen for their particular and relevant expertise. The reviewers are given three weeks to complete their referee sheets and are asked to respond as soon as possible with their availability and interest. Additional reviewers may be selected as necessary. When all the reviews are received, they are then surveyed, anonymized, and collated by Dr. Carleton and the editorial staff for clarity. Please allow for a total turnaround time of six weeks. You will then hear from Dr. Carleton and be asked to revise your article per her directions and the constructive comments provided by our reviewers. The revision period should take one to three months as specified by the constraints of our publication deadlines. When this finalized version has been received, it will be copy edited for language and returned to you for final examination within the month before it is laid out. A .pdf copy of the laid out article will be provided and should be proofed one last time before that issue of the IBPJ is sent to the printer. No additional corrections may be made after these final examinations.

Please see the following pages for more detailed instructions: