Webinar March 24 @ 7:00 pm EST

FullSizeRenderAnne Isaacs, LCSW and Joel Isaacs, PhD have been in practice and training therapists for over 25 years. They led workshops at Esalen Institute for 20 years, and were adjunct faculty at Santa Barbara Graduate Institute, They currently lead Bodynamic trainings on Healing Developmental Disruptions around the US and in Canada. Anne and Joel are based in Los Angeles, CA, and their website is www.bodynamicusa.com

In Bodynamics we generally work verbally with the here and now, on how an issue is appearing in present-day life. Then, from knowing the psychological function of the muscles, we can employ specific relevant muscles to focus the work and move it forward. Using a muscle will simultaneously do two things. It will evoke the corresponding developmental age and themes; and it will mobilize missing abilities from that developmental stage, or release ones that are held back. As these abilities develop and stabilize, often quite rapidly, they can lead to a new felt sense of competency in this area. The previously reflexive or sensed need for protective behavior becomes less urgent. This allows people to change lifelong patterns in a liberating way.

ince muscles from a given developmental stage evoke the themes of that stage, we can build our relationship with a client around these themes. This experience of safety and connection also helps a client to embody new behavior more quickly and fully.