2016 Fall Bioenergetic Conference
“Healing from the Inside Out: Relationship, Body & Mind”
Featuring Bioenergetic masters Bob & Virginia Hilton from CA.

Date/Time: October 20 – 23, 2016
Location: Essex Conference Center, MA
For more information and registration go to: www.massbioenergetics.org

As children, many of us had to compromise our aliveness and energy in order to feel loved and accepted by our parents. As adults, many of us struggle with low energy, anxiety, depression, and feelings of disconnection from others, resulting from how we deadened ourselves. In this conference, we will explore the state of aliveness in each of us and what blocks that aliveness from emerging. How did these blocks develop? What might the process of recovering this aliveness look like? In small groups, workshops, and keynote talks, we will explore these questions. Please join us at the serene and beautiful Essex Conference Center for a three day experience with Bioenergetic therapists, trainers, and partners, Robert and Virginia Hilton.

MSBA-2016-CONFERENCE-2016-04-24 – PDF Flyer

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