bretsheilaBret Lyon, PhD, SEP, BCC and Sheila Rubin, LMFT, RDT/BCT .  And that we have been doing this work for many years, including 8 years leading seminars on Healing Shame in many cities in the US and Canada.  We offer workshops and Certification in Healing Shame for therapists and other helping professionals.  We are located in Berkeley. Also our website:

Shame heals through the restoration of the interpersonal bridge. Shame is both a primary emotion and a freeze state. Due to the special nature of shame, it can not be worked with in the same way as the other primary emotions. Special care needs to be taken to work with shame in specific ways. In this continuation of their highly successful previous seminar, Sheila Rubin and Bret Lyon will delve into specific strategies and techniques to help people heal from their shame. The webinar will help therapists understand how to understand and make clinical use of their own reactions to client’s shame and avoid getting stuck in the shame freeze with clients or following them down the endless shame vortex.

We will learn how to:

* build the client’s resources, internal and external

* countershame – reframe actions and thoughts in a more positive way

* separate shame from other emotions

* help clients find an optimal distance from the shame in order to explore and heal it.

In this process, we help the client restore their dignity and resilience and expand their life force. We will also explore the connection between working with shame and working with trauma.

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Healing Shame Couples May 2016 – IN PDF FORM

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