IBTFT PicIntegral Breath Therapy is a revolutionary therapy that uses the breath to explore, heal and integrate the multidimensional aspects of the human psyche. Based on ancient Eastern disciplines as well as modern Western methods, this holistic modality uses breathing techniques to clear out physical, mental and emotional blocks or stresses.

Integral Breath Therapy is a body-mind modality. With this approach we bridge the gap between thoughts and feelings, between the body and the mind. By going underneath the “story” or repetitive dramas in life, belief systems are revealed along with the reason for their existence. The awareness of these patterns and how they affect one’s life is crucial to creating a future that is different from the past.

Bridging the Gap Between Body & Mind

  • Become a certified Level 1 Integral Breath Therapy Facilitator
  • Learn to use the power of trance state to accelerate your clients’ personal growth
  • Experience your own deep healing & awakening
  • Rest and rejuvenate in 550 acres of beautiful forest

The Integral Breath Therapy facilitator training is a six day focused program
designed for professionals looking for personal as well as professional
transformation. This training is designed to teach the therapeutic skills
necessary to integrate Integral Breath Therapy into your existing modality.

About the Training
6 Day Certification for Therapists, Counselors, Social Workers, Nurses,
Hospice Workers, Yoga Instructors, Educators, and Coaches

Investment: $1095
$895 if registered by 9/8
Retreat fees: $425-$725
Holmes Conference Center
Agape Building, Holmes, NY

This training will take place at the Holmes Conference Center in the beautiful glass
room in Agape Center. Besides adding new skills to your professional repertoire, this
training is designed to facilitate your own deep personal healing and growth work. The
natural setting of Holmes, with forests, lakes, cliffs, and peaceful walks in the woods,
is the perfect place for your own rejuvenation.

You will learn:

  • About the breath and its relationship to life, death, and disease
  • The history of Breath Therapy and its contemporary applications
  • About Breath Therapy as physical, psychological, and emotional process
  • To identify and use “breathing patterns” as a diagnostic tool
  • About the Mind-Body Connection to health and healing
  • To appropriately facilitate physical and emotional release
  • The basics of pre- and perinatal psychology to heal birth Issues
  • The importance of Emotional Anatomy and emotional development
  • To reprogram beliefs through the Bio-Computer
  • The Trauma vs. Shock model for healing dissociation
  • To identify and release chronic holding patterns and body armor
  • To incorporate imagery and Inner Child work
  • To create space and support for the natural healing process
  • And much more


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