Mind and body health are talked about everywhere – in the media, on TV, on the web, among friends…

But even with all this information at our fingertips, why do so many of us continue to live life filled with anxiety, stress, depression, conflictual relationships, compulsive behaviors and all sorts of addictions?

• Is anyone you know, maybe yourself, currently struggling with a physical or emotional problem?
• Do you know how to release unwanted tension and create freely flowing energy in your body?
• Are your relationships filled with anger, frustration, neediness, avoidance or boredom?
• Do you believe that your body, mind and spirit are connected and affect each other?
• Are you curious about what you might learn from a groups of body oriented therapists?
• As a therapist yourself, would you like to expand your knowledge and learn new techniques?

Even if you, yourself, are a healthcare provider – a nurse, teacher, psychotherapist, medical professional, researcher, health and wellness coach – your own body, mind and spirit alignment may be something you have never really spent the time to look at. And you may be surprised at what you will discover if you let down your guard and open your mind to a new way of thinking and being in your body and in the world.

This very special Love Me Touch Me Heal Me Virtual Summit is a once in a lifetime opportunity to hear from a group of 44 advanced practitioners, highly skilled and experienced therapists, best-selling authors, researchers, teachers and trainers, seminar and webinar leaders who have each spent decades learning and sharing in different ways about healing through body awareness. As you listen to all these top notch professionals sharing their insights, suggestions and strategies for healing and creating a fulfilling life, you may discover a common theme. Hint, hint! The answer is not outside yourself.

As you listen to each speaker’s healing journey, you may become inspired to read some of their writing, get their books or products, join their seminars or training programs, or contact just the right speaker for your own personal healing.

So get ready for an exciting event. You are in for a body sensational treat as you learn the nitty gritty details about how you can enhance your own physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and well- being.

JOIN The Love Me Touch Me Heal Me Summit

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