OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALove is the Resonance with the Flow of Life™
Mindfulness in the Way of Relating

A Core Evolution Retreat for Singles and Couples to increase
emotional, somatic and psychological awareness and personal fulfillment.

Explore the Will of Your Heart and Your Mindful Body™
Connect with Your Essence and Intention
Allow Your Tears and Laughter
Step into Self-Empowerment and Mindful Presence
Be, Love and Celebrate Life!
We will explore the topics that you would like to find more clarity and integration with.

Empathic listening, heartfelt sharing, authentic movement, dance, dreamwork, individual and group processing and practicing the principles of mindfulness, support us in our exploration of:
• Love as an energetic state
• Love, empathy, and mirror neurons
• Attachment, personality and their influence on adult sexuality and relationship
• Femininity – Masculinity – Unity
• Heart communication, intimacy, authenticity and healthy boundaries
• Body – personal development and sexuality
• Feelings – structuring of impulses and the unfolding of sexual awareness
• Psyche – differentiation of needs and wants and establishing healthy boundaries
• Dreams – what dreams can teach us how we relate to ourselves, others and the world
• Spiritual dimensions of relationship
• How can partners separate with love, if that need arises?
• Relationship; how to make it last – moving towards harmony and unity.

The integrative body-oriented and mindfulness-centered approach of
Core Evolution® is deeply transformative.

Times: Wednesday, August 26 (begin 3 pm) to Sunday, August 30, 2015 (until 2pm)
Fee: US $445 until July 15, 2015
US $495 after July 15, 2015
Plus room and board, depending on the choice of lodging. Still Meadow is very economic.

For registration and further questions, please contact us at: Info@CoreEvolution.com

You may watch an interview with Siegmar at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YlBXLAqnHho
or inquire for Siegmar’s eight page interview on this topic. Info@CoreEvolution.com