Institutional membership classification is granted to institutions, such as schools, training centers, organizations, or clinics, that are related to the field of body psychotherapy and support the mission and goals of the USABP.

University (College) Memberships – Accredited University program offering somatic psychology degree. Graduates of this level qualify for clinical membership of USABP after acquiring a license.and are eligible to be part of the on-line directory.

Independent Body-Centered Training Institute Level 1 & 2 – a founding institute of an established or recognized somatic-based practice, or psychotherapy. Must have been in operation for at least 20 years and at minimum, 400-hour training program. Level 2: In operation at least 5 years; may be eligible sooner if program provides CEUS. Graduates qualify for practitioner/clinical membership of USABP and are eligible to be part of the on-line directory. ($500.00)

Non-Clinical Body-Based Training Programs – Open to organizations that offer at minimum, 400-hour training program, where founders have completed a training or degree program from at least one established free-standing Institute. These training’s are geared to capacitate graduates to work within non-clinical settings and organizations.

Institutional Benefits:

  1. Website presence: Under our Education and Training button, your institution will be listed with a link, logo, and contact information included – Full Page Description
  2. Website presence: You will be invited to post your institutional training events on the Home page of our new website.
  3. Website presence: Home Page Banner
  4. You will benefit from participating in a larger association representing the field of Somatic Psychology by way of our association’s advocacy and outreach efforts.
  5. You will receive 2 ad placements and article space in our year end USABP Year in Review online publication starting 2016.
  6. You will get a discount on a booth at our upcoming conferences.
  7. You will receive FREE banner space at the conference.
  8. You will receive a hearty welcome on the Facebook page
  9. Our Social Media Facebook page will also list your upcoming events and articles.
  10. Be a speaker on our monthly webinars.
  11. You will have your own area, in the members-only home page. You may post articles, video clips, pdfs of book chapters, and interesting information about our field.
  12. Eligible for a seat on the Institutional Advisory Council – upcoming in 2017.

University-based program, Independent Body-Centered Training Institute Level 1, Non-Clinical Body-Based Training Programs – Membership cost: $750.00/year – that’s only $62.50/a month for A LOT of advertising.

Independent Body-Centered Training Institute Level 2 – Membership cost: $ 500.00/year