Mindful Awareness in Body-oriented Therapy (MABT) Training
January 11-15, 2016 in Seattle, WA

This course teaches the delivery of Mindful Awareness in Body-oriented Therapy, an approach and therapeutic protocol developed to teach interoceptive awareness and practice skills for daily life. Interoceptive awareness – the awareness and processing of inner body sensations and experience – is critical for self-regulation.

MABT is designed to provide individuals with somatically-based self-care tools to increase emotion regulation. MABT delivery involves manual and mind-body approaches. Delivered individually, MABT is particularly useful for individuals who are disconnected from their bodies due to stress, pain, & trauma. This in depth course focuses on embodiment training with an

  • developing capacity to attend to inner body experience
  • integrating interoceptive awareness into daily life for self-care

The protocol and training manual was developed by Dr. Cynthia Price for research purposes and can be easily translated into clinical practice. Because of the incremental learning approach, individual delivery, and the use of touch to facilitate attention to body, this therapeutic method is particularly useful for individuals who will benefit from the attention to pacing, safety and individualization that this approach allows.

This 5-day intensive is intended as an advanced training opportunity for practicing therapists. It is open to somatic practitioners, body psychotherapists, and other mind-body practitioners who want to incorporate interoceptive awareness training into their practice. Interoceptive awareness involves attention to and processing of internal body sensations. The program is designed for practitioners interested in (or already working with) individuals that may be disconnected from their bodies, possibly due to health care challenges (mental and/or physical).

Course will be taught by Cynthia Price and Carla Wiechman. See course description and registration information at: http://www.cmbaware.org/