This intensive residential workshop is designed to give practical, ready-to-use tools to psychotherapists who wish to extend their professional experience to incorporate the role of the body and emotions in their clinical work with original and effective practices based on the Radix approach. Radix is a psychotherapy approach centered on the body which stems from Wilhelm Reich’s intuitions and promotes healthy changes which can be presently perceived by patients. The word “Radix” means root but also source; it indicates the life stream present in every human being which generates and integrates emotions, body, mind and spirit.

The Radix approach attends to this stream to free clients from unhealthy body and mind habits; it enables them to reach a higher level of vitality.

Clients with early developmental traumas may not have a solid character structure. They may also lack energy. These factors may make it difficult for them to bring the insights they gain in a psychotherapy session spontaneously in their everyday lives. With a body-centered approach that is sensitive to the resources of these patients, it is possible help them develop a will, originating in a felt sense of the body, and they will be better able to connect what happens in their sessions to their everyday lives.

Wilhelm Reich inaugurated a precious field in psychotherapy working on the eye neuro-muscular segment movements. The Radix approach uses its principles and develops them, also in the light of Stephen Porges’s research. The patients’ eyes become an element of diagnosis, a way
to monitor the patient’s state of consciousness at once and an area of great therapeutic importance. The work on the eye-segment is the most distinctive tool in the Radix approach, differentiating it from other body- centered approaches.

Workshop Leaders: Narelle McKenzie, Director of Training of The Radix Institute, and Melissa Lindsay, Trainer with The Radix Institute.

Location: The “Centro d’Ompio” is an international center located by the Orta lake in northern Italy that hosts international seminars, workshops and trainings.  To view it visit

Registration Fee: The 5-days Intensive Workshop fee is of Euro 600. Cost of accomodation and food at “Centro D’Ompio” is Euro 200 all inclusive.  See brochures for details.


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