This training teaches the main Realization Process practices along with specific practices for applying foundational consciousness to psychological and relational healing. The Realization Process approaches recovery from trauma in two ways: by directly facilitating body-mind integration through inhabiting the internal space of the body, and through practices that, along with verbal dialogue and insight, release the trauma-based constrictions in the fascia that obstruct our ability to inhabit our body.

The training also teaches how to sit with another person while attuned to foundational consciousness, how to discern subtle protective organizations within a person’s body, and to track the changes that occur within the internal space of one’s own and the other person’s body during a therapeutic session.

In the Realization Process, accessing and knowing ourselves as foundational consciousness is understood to be crucial for psychological health. Trauma disrupts our internal cohesion, either through the intensity if its impact, or through the constrictions that we ourselves create to protect against it. Uncovering the primary unified ground of ourselves can help recover us from trauma. It heals both the fragmentations within our individual being and the fragmentations between our internal experience and our experience of the world around us.

Foundational consciousness is experienced as stillness, within which all of the content of our experience—our thoughts, emotions, sensations, and perceptions—flow. As foundational consciousness, we can remain open to the unobstructed flow of experience without losing our underlying wholeness and stability. We gain a sense of both our own authenticity, of becoming who we really are, and of spontaneity, of being able to respond to life without fear of overwhelm or annihilation.

A certificate is awarded at the completion of the training, authorizing you to use the Realization Process Spiritual Psychotherapy practices professionally.

Taught by Judith Blackstone.

Format: 2 (two) five-day modules with required practice sessions between modules.
Dates: February 16-20, 2018; April 6-10, 2018
Location: Los Altos Hills, California (near San Francisco).

CE credits are available.

For further details about the requirements of this training, and for registration, please go to or email Judith at

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