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There is more wisdom in your body, than in your deepest philosophy. -Nietsche

We do not have a single feeling, thought, or behavior that is not mediated by the body. There is no separation between Mind,Body, Emotion, or Spirit. Life is foremost a somatic experience and your client’s body is an amazing resource of information which can be a helpful guide to recovery, healing and wholeness.

In learning RSM you will learn how to explore the bodily ways by which your clients move through their everyday lives. Through the use of movement, touch, and explorations of feeling, sensation, posture, and gesture, clients experience how they shape their sense of self and their experience of other and the world.

Clients become more conscious of how they breathe, move, and speak, and where they experience feelings in their bodies.The body knows emotions differently than the mind. For example, depression in the mind is often a sense of hopelessness and helplessness. In the body it shows up as weight and pressure.Together they bring a fuller picture of the clients emotional experience and its effect on their lives. The body has clues that can guide the way out.



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