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We’ve got the dates up for the 2016-17 training year. The new cohort starting next fall gets the special treatment since the class will, instead of meeting Mondays through Fridays, meet from Thursday through Monday. This is an experiment and an attempt to better meet the needs of colleagues who work in agencies and have been having difficulty getting away for our training. Even though this is many months away we already have students making appointments for their application interview, so if you are interested let us know. Space is limited!

DATES for 2016-17:

YEAR ONE: November 3-7, 2016, March 2-6, 2017 & May 25-29, 2017

YEAR TWO: October 17-21, 2016, February 13-17, 2017 & April 24-28, 2017

YEAR THREE: September 12-16, 2016, January 23-27, 2017 & April 10-14, 2017

Aylee Welch, LICSW

(206) 910-9766

Seattle School of Body-Psychotherapy offers a three-year training program which can be taken for both personal transformation and professional development. The program at SSBP incorporates the work of Wilhelm Reich and Core Energetics with contemporary therapies and indigenous practices. With the understanding that pure life force emanates from the Core of every being and always remains intact, we study how to track the blocks that obscure it over time and through the life cycle. We learn techniques to free the expansive life energy in order to use it on behalf of our life, our interpersonal experiences, and to reconnect with our joy. The result is as spiritual as it is psychological, opening our perception and that of those with whom we work, to the greater world around us as well as to our own unique offering which we call “Referencing From the Self”.

SSBP welcomes all adult learners and appreciates that students bring a wealth of helpful experience to their body-psychotherapy studies. Students of SSBP include both licensed and student psychotherapists wanting to specialize and go deeper in their practice and in their personal presence. We also have students from a myriad of other fields seeking a deeper understanding of themselves and to enhance their relationships, their personal growth and their professional effectiveness. The program has worked well for people who work with people in settings such as Yoga Teachers and Massage Therapists. Coaches, Organizational Psychologists and those involved in Leadership Development find that this material illuminates their understanding of people and of people in systems, enhancing and bringing a new level of excitement to their work. This program is Approved by the National Association of Social Workers (Approval #886677650-5115) for continuing education contact hours.

Nestled in a medicinal herb garden in North Seattle, classes meet for 5 days three times a year for three years. If you are not previously a licensed therapist and want to be certified at SSBP you may be required to participate in the concurrent Counseling Skills Track to learn counseling theories, skills and ethics which will help you to keep up with the class material and to integrate the teachings and be qualified to facilitate our work with others.

Class Topics include: ~ Core Energetics and The Work of Wilhelm Reich, Alexander Lowen and John Pierrakos ~ Character Structure and its Application in the 21st Century ~ The Segments of the Body and Their Impact in Perception & Life Patterns ~ Body-Reading ~ Leading Safe Process Groups ~ Interpersonal Work in the Group Setting ~ Herbs for Mental Health ~ Working From Within the Imaginal Realm and Its Affect On Neuroplasticity ~ Current-Diagnostics in a Larger Context ~ Somatic Therapy Approaches ~ Trauma & it’s Treatment ~ Counter-Transference in Body-Therapy ~ Working with Dreams and Imagery ~ Working With Our Many Internal “Parts” ~ Ceremony for Health and Healing ~ Clearing Spaces Internally and in the Environment ~ Movement to Impact Body Structure ~ Referencing From the Self ~ Tracking ~ Developing Heart Perception ~ The Yes and the No ~ This list is not all-inclusive; there may be other topics covered and some of these may be offered as electives and not as part of the core curriculum.

Seattle School of Body-Psychotherapy is founded by Aylee Welch, LICSW and is an enterprise of Body-Psychotherapy of Seattle. Aylee has been working with people in therapeutic environments and teaching and leading groups and workshops since 1989. She has been certified in and practicing Core Energetics and Core Soma since 2006. She is an Independent Clinical Social Worker licensed in Washington, California and Oregon. She is also a Master Herbalist and Ceremonialist.

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