Edmonton, Alberta

 – April 6-7, 2018

Recent studies have shown the devastating, immobilizing and disorienting effects of shame on the human psyche. Shame is a disempowering downward spiraling helix. Guilt on the other hand both mobilizes and orients us to the world in which we live. The practice of Self-compassion is the bridge that helps us move from the painful isolation of shame into a more mindful and empowering connection with our self and our common humanity.

Hakomi is a Mindfulness Centred Somatic Psychotherapy that is deeply rooted in five principles, namely, Mindfulness, Non-violence, Organicity, Unity and Mind-Body-Spirit Wholism. These Principles and practices guide both the work and the therapist.

This workshop will give you an overview of the Hakomi Method and will include:
• A presentation of the Hakomi Principles and theory
• Experiential exercises and practice
• A close look at the difference between shame and guilt
• An experiential exploration of the practice of Self-compassion
• A demonstration of an actual therapy session, with an opportunity for discussion of the techniques used

Shame and Self-Compassion: An Introduction to Hakomi Mindfulness-Centred Somatic Psychotherapy

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