“Psychotherapy and the body in the age of neuroscience: A series of stimulating conversations about approaches to psychotherapy that pay attention to the body.”

This series features conversations, mostly with clinicians, occasionally featuring leading thinkers in related fields. Stimulating ideas are discussed, as well as clinical examples, in a conversational manner that helps you get a sense of what it’s like to see things through each guest’s eyes.

The conversations are recorded as MP3 files (there are also, occasionally, videos). You can listen to them on the site, or download them to play on any MP3 player. You can also read them as printable PDF transcripts.

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image descriptionThis series is edited by Serge Prengel, LMHC. Serge is in private practice in NYC, and wrote several books. He is trained in Focusing, Core Energetics and Somatic Experiencing, and has been deeply influenced by Yvonne Agazarian Systems-Centered approach.

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