Jaci Hull, Ann Weiser Cornell, Brian and Marcia Gleason, Joe Weldon, and Beth L. Haessig FOR mental-health orofessionals, yoga teachers, bodyworkers, and everyone who wants to experience the psychology of their bodies.

CE credits.

The United States Association for Body Psychotherapy presents a conference on somatic psychology—a discipline that combines somatic, psychic, and interpersonal dimensions. Treating the body as a source of wisdom, this symposium presents four distinct body-mind therapies within the field of somatic psychology: Hakomi, Focusing, Embodied Couples Therapy, and Rubenfeld Synergy.

Conference topics include:

• Ways to become conscious of what’s being held in your body
• The implications of working in a somato-psychic model as a client or clinician
• Various styles of somatic psychotherapeutic practices
• How somatic psychology techniques are differentfrom traditional counseling and talk therapy
• What this field and these practices can do for you and your clients.

Discover what your body is trying to teach you and experience the gifts of somatic psychology for your life and work.

NOTE: See this program on the Kripalu Website for conference schedule and workshop descriptions.

TUITION $495. Add 5 midweek nights room & meals;see page 108. (web code SOMPSY-151)