Somatic Psychotherapy Today is designed to disseminate information about somatic psychology, body psychotherapy, and body/mind/spirit practices as well as information about psychotherapy in general. It provides a forum for sharing news and advances in clinical practice, research, resources, and policy as well as information about professional activities and opportunities in the field.

Its purpose is to bring concepts involved with somatic psychology, body psychotherapy, and body/mind/spirit practices to a larger public audience to capture their interest and support individual growth as well as collective growth in our local and international communities. While this publication cannot capture everything related to the immense field of psychotherapy and body-centered practices, we will strive to provide a venue for our readers (be it therapists, students, researchers, folks in waiting rooms) to experience different perspectives.

SPT was founded on the belief of the power of personal presence on the page in a community of acceptance. What we do individually has a collective impact on our world –its health and well being and on all living entities that dwell here. Voicing our truth is paramount and finding the right venue to speak is just as critical. SPT offers writers and readers the space to connect, to share thoughts, ideas, and opinions about what matters in the work we do and the impact on peoples’ lives and to further our field of study and practice.

Listed below are the current available online editions of the SPT magazine.

(Please note that you will need Adobe PDF reader to open the magazines, just click the link for the edition to open.)


Summer, volume 3, number 1 2013 – * Additional Resources

Fall, volume 3, number 2 2013

Winter, volume 3, number 3 2013


Summer, volume 2, number 1 2012

Fall, volume 2, number 2 2012

Winter, volume 2, number 3 2012

Spring, volume 2, number 4 2013 – * Additional Resources


Summer, volume 1, number 1 2011

Fall, volume 1, number 2 2011

Winter, volume 1, number 3 2011

Spring, volume 1, number 4– *Additional References

Contribute to Somatic Psychotherapy Today Deadlines below:

Spring 2014: The Body in Relationship (deadline closed)
Fall 2014: Eating Psychology (first deadline is March 15, 2014)
Winter 2015: Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology with guest editor, Kate White, co-editor of the APPPAH Journal (first deadline is October 15, 2014)
Spring 2015: Embodied Spirituality (first deadline is January 15, 2015)

 Submission Guidelines for Being Published in SPT