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Over the past eight years, SPT magazine has carved a literary “path” allowing writers to network with a global audience of “like minded” practitioners.

This issue brings our path into newly discovered realms including interviews honoring colleagues who are receiving prestigious awards and columns highlighting upcoming conferences for the USABP, the EABP, and APPPAH, as well as reviews of ‘hot-off-the-press’ publications and insightful author reflections.

Each article honors a path forged by persistence and perseverance, by creativity and ingenuity. The authors whose books we reviewed, the award winners we interviewed, the reflections writers shared about their process highlight pathways that were formed one step at a time.

We invite you to read our articles and to respond to our authors. We write from a place of experience and curiosity, and we write to engage others in conversations. Each author offers an email address at the end of the article, and we have a general email option: where you can share your thoughts and we’ll pass them on to the authors.

We’re grateful for your readership and look forward to providing quality articles and reviews, personal and poignant author reflections, and more on our website:

Nancy Eichhorn, PhD Founding Editor-in-Chief

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