Somatic Synergy Training (Level One)
begins in September

A Certificate Program for Therapists, Bodyworkers , Energy Healers & New Career Seekers

Explore an exciting new pathway
We have been teaching practitioners how to use Touch & Talk together to transform clients’ lives for over 30 years. The Rubenfeld Synergy Method offers you an opportunity to provide a pathway to RELIEF, RECOVERY and RENEWAL. You can use the skills you acquire to start your own practice, or to enhance work you are already doing.

Convenient Affordable and Effective
Our 7 month certificate training combines the ease of learning from the comfort of your home with the joy of learning in community with a group of like minded people . Webinars and home assignments will support the two–6 day onsites where you will learn the hands- on skills. Practice client sessions supported by one-to -one mentoring sessions will anchor your learning experience.

A powerful, comprehensive bodymind training

During the training you will learn:
How to put touch & talk together as an organic synergistic whole.
How to help clients tune into the wisdom of their bodymind.
How to listen to sensations & experience the body as an invaluable ally & guide
The importance and value of bodymind connection and how to impart this to your clients so that they can relieve chronic tension and stress, free themselves from pain, and make new choices which allow them to move with greater ease and joy in their lives

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