Book Review Cover-SPTThe USABP interns do a miraculous job supporting the International Body Psychotherapy Journal and lending a hand to Somatic Psychotherapy Today. One role they assume, under the guidance of Jacqueline Carleton, PhD, is to read and review genre related to our field for the Resources column in SPT. My experience working with the USABP interns the past 5 years has been one of mutual respect and a willingness to learn. And, they are voracious readers who write in-depth reviews with an academic slant as well as personal reflection and experience.

They turned in so many stellar reviews for 2015 releases that SPT created a Special Summer Book Review issue to highlight their extensive work and share these books with our readers. The reviews offer insight into the content, structure, format and worth of these books—why you might be interested in reading them, what you might learn by doing so, and is it worth your time and money to buy the book.

We offer this special review to members of the USABP, the EABP, and the SPT Community as a thank you for your continued support, as a time saver, and as some fun beach reading. What book will you pick up next?

I’m reading Hakomi Mindfulness_Centered Somatic Psychotherapy: A Comprehensive Guide to Theory and Practice, edited by Halko Weiss, Greg Johanson and Lorena Monda. Yep, I have a review by a USABP intern and I want to read the book and interview the authors to share their reflections on writing this book.

Stay tuned for more in the fall


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