Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone and Other Acts of Courage

Lisa Loustaunau, MFA, CCEP
Lisa Loustaunau, MFA, CCEP

August 30–September 4, 2015 @ Kripalu

Healing, growth, and personal empowerment require a willingness to engage the unknown and go to your edge. This workshop is an invitation to take risks, dig deeper, challenge misconceptions, move energy, express feelings, reveal truth, and live more courageously.

Each of us developed physical and psychological adaptations that allowed us to navigate childhood, but which now block energy and keep us from being our real selves. Explore how those adaptations keep you stuck in predictable ways of thinking, feeling, and acting. Strengthen your capacity to feel more alive, using Core Energetics body-centered techniques, including

  • Expressive movement
  • Body reading
  • Breathing, grounding, dyad, and group work.

This program creates a safe container in which to express a full range of feelings, open your heart, and experience deeper connections to yourself and others.

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