Original Research Articles

Original research articles describe the hypothesis, a brief review of supportive literature, methods, and conclusions. The study results are reported and interpreted with implications for clinical use and recommendations for future studies. Original research articles also discuss results that allow for hypothesis elimination or reformulation, as well as report on the replication of previously published results.

Original research trials include issues related to the design and development of clinical trials (such as ethical considerations, study designs, measurements of outcome, and methods of analysis) or the results of clinical trials (including pilot, proof-of-concept, safety, and efficacy trials). The results of the research is reported, interpreted, and may include a discussion of possible implications.
The International Body Psychotherapy Journal accepts quantitative, qualitative and mixed-method studies.

Quantitative Research:

  1. empirical studies (without topic restrictions e.g., somatic psychology, psychopathology, education, pre- and peri-natal psychology, mindfulness )
  2. pilot studies
  3. clinical trials
  4. experimental studies
  5. correlational studies
  6. preventative studies
  7. meta-analysis
  8. replication studies whether successful or failed, applied or fundamental, as long as appropriately powered

Qualitative Research:

  1. clinical case studies
  2. phenomenological studies
  3. grounded theory
  4. ethnographies
  5. artistic research

New Methodologies

A methods article presents a cutting-edge technique that opens new avenues for experimental investigation of important issues in a field. Method manuscripts should include in the form of a brief statement: the experimental objectives, the limitations of current techniques, and a detailed protocol of the new technique. In addition, there should be data to demonstrate the power of the technique. Both quantitative and qualitative original methodologies are invited.

Theoretical Articles

A theoretical article presents an argument, synthesis, hypothesis, or theory that is based in the extant literature of somatic psychology. Theoretical articles should be closely tied to empirical data and provide novel insights into a significant question or issue. In addition, the argument or theory put forth should lead to testable predictions.

Review Articles

Review articles cover topics that have seen significant development or progress of somatic psychology in recent years with comprehensive depth, balanced perspective, intellectual insight, and broad general interest. Reviews do not merely recap the literature, they critique fundamental concepts, issues, and problems that define the field.

  1. general reviews
    provide a synthesis of an area of study involving body psychotherapy; systematic reviews and meta-analyses are preferred
  2. critiques
    are focused and provocative, followed by a number of invited commentaries, and conclude with a remark from the main author
  3. viewpoint articles
    contain research-based commentary, preferably on  currently relevant issues; the article should be based on a succinct and balanced summary of existing research on the issue
  4. conceptual papers

Perspective and Opinion Articles

A perspective article presents a viewpoint on an important area of research. A perspective article focuses on a specific field or subfield and discusses current advances and future directions; it may add personal insight and opinion to a field.

Opinion articles allow researchers to publish their opinions on the interpretation of facts, value of methods used, weaknesses and strengths of any scientific theory, or any topic relevant to the field of research. Opinion articles allow maximum freedom of expression for researchers.

  1. Literature reviews
  2. Reviews of previous studies
  3. Op/Ed (which should go with letters to the editor)
  4. Science-based practitioner reports of interest
  5. Professional interests, such as education, licensing, and training issues

Letters to the Editor

We welcome critical or general commentary on any of our previously published papers.

Book Reviews

We accept book review articles from the fields of body psychotherapy and other relevant health and counseling/psychotherapy fields. Please contact the editor-in-chief if you would like to review a book or field of literature.