This workshop will approach the development of human connection by experiencing the role of the structure of the body in relationship. Posture, movement, sensorimotor development and kinesiology are rarely understood as important features in human bonding. Yet, it is through movement and touch that self-regulation develops, dyadic bonding is learned and a sense of self grows. Through lecture, experiential exercises and practice we will examine the primary structures of attachment and how shifting the structure can shift the relational field. Included will be exploration of 5 Early Primary Structures of Attachment, Developmental Movement Patterning, Polyvagal Theory in Early Relationship, Co-regulation and Self-Regulation, and Overview of Rupture and Repair Cycles and practice with Dyadic Somatic Tracking. **SEP’s, Advanced SE students, BASE-P’s, BASE students; others welcome on an individual basis**

December 4-7,2015 – Austin, TX

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