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Description of your organization: Description of program: The mission of the Alexander Lowen Foundation is to continue the profound legacy and wisdom of Dr. Alexander Lowen. Our wish is for this foundation to hold the collective testimonials of the life-shaping and life-changing ways that Dr. Lowen has touched lives. We wish to use the Bioenergetic wisdom he has given us to share and expand his work and his life.

Date Program Established: Nov. 2006

Clinic, internship and community outreach components of program: The Alexander Lowen Foundation is a non-profit foundation that is registered with the US government. It has been formed to honor and enhance Dr. Lowen’s work by preserving and making easily available his teachings and beliefs about Bioenergetics


The Alexander Lowen Foundation- Expanding the Worldwide Bioenergetic Community
Robert Glazer, PhD

During the year 2003, I had the pleasure of editing Alexander Lowen’s Autobiography, Honoring the Body, which was published by Bioenergetics Press ( in 2004. I found Al always to be open to any and all questions I asked him, strongly opinionated about Bioenergetics, and very committed to working his body. At 93, he would go over the stool every day and walked three to four times a day. The Alexander Lowen Foundation was created with Al’s blessings and appreciation by Fred Lowen, John Yong, and Robert Glazer. Its purpose is to expand the worldwide bioenergetic community. The formal announcement of The Alexander Lowen Foundation, a non-profit foundation, was made over the internet on August 15th, 2007. The e-mail announcement was opened by over 1,000 individuals in 69 countries. We will be beginning our membership drive at the end of 2007.

The Alexander Lowen Foundation is dedicated to continuing the evolution and teachings of Alexander Lowen’s Bioenergetics. The Foundation is dedicated to:

Sponsoring International Workshops:

Frank Hladky, MD, and Eleanor Greenlee, MFT, Senior International Bioenergetic Trainers, presented the Inaugural Workshop of The Alexander Lowen Foundation in Tulsa, Oklahoma, October 26th – November 1st, 2007. The workshop was available in two tracks, following the tradition of the Pawling workshops that were offered for many years. Track 1- October 26th – October 28th (3 days) and Track 2- October 26th – November 1st (7 days). The workshop was attended by over 30 participants, from Mexico, Canada, California, Vermont, Pennsylvania, Florida, Ohio, Michigan, New Mexico, and Oklahoma. Robert Glazer and John Yong assisted, doing break out groups. It was an extremely excellent experience. There are plans to repeat the workshop in mid- 2008. Other workshops that The Alexander Lowen Foundation have in the planning stage include a three part series in London and one on the East Coast of the US. The workshops continue Alexander Lowen’s work.

The Alexander Lowen Foundation Website (

This extensive website provides interested individuals, who may never have the chance to meet Alexander Lowen in person, a way to get a sense of his nature. It has extensive video and audio clips, selected writings, a picture album, and Message Board Forums for the exchange of information about Bioenergetic Analysis, Mind Body Health, Environmental Spirituality, and The Foundation. Foundation Gateways is a message board honoring Alexander Lowen’s life. The section entitled This Week’s Feature and Foundation Events includes audio interviews with Prominent Bioenergetic Practitioners and workshop information.

The Alexander Lowen Foundation is an Institutional Member of USABP