Berkeley, CA – March 10

The ability to connect deeply begins with the self. When we are connected to our own authentic sense of self, true openhearted connection to others becomes possible, which leaves us feeling more alive and engaged in our world. Unfortunately, the experience of heartfelt connection eludes many of us, often leading to experiences of misunderstanding, emptiness, and a diminished satisfaction in life. The Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychology offers a road map for true connection. With the integrated use of mindfulness and the body, participants will be guided through experiences of self-discovery that elucidate how we hold ourselves in relationship to others. We will then begin to cultivate new ways of paying attention that are designed to increase connection, deepen interpersonal encounters, and encourage the experience of feeling alive in our bodies. In an environment of loving kindness, learning and fun, this workshop will nourish the soul, as well as create opportunities for self-understanding, growth and healing.

What you will learn:

A basic orientation to Hakomi
How to cultivate a sense of safety, sensitivity, compassion, and respect that inspires growth and healing
How to listen to and use the body to connect more deeply with life

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