The Joy of Aliveness as Foundation for Integration and Healing

Join us and rejuvenate in a personal retreat while deepening your learning in an inspiring environment with wonderful people in a beautiful villa in Tuscany.

Reconnect, affirm and strengthen your qualities and capacities.

These Intensives are open to beginners as well as experienced participants on the conscious path. Every year is a new experience with a new quality. The work is integrative, body-oriented and mindfulness-centered.

This year we include short teaching sequences that we lead into personal inquiries for participants to explore topics they bring and want to find more integration with:

Somatic Awareness and the Practice of Mindfulness
How do we structure our experiences on the level of our body, feelings, thinking, mind and in directing our will to realize our potential?

Explore the Matrix of Grounding
The Core Evolution concept to stand on the ground and feel connected to the Universe and to all existence.

Repression of Expression can cause Depression™
What was the personal dynamic that could not be expressed and lived? Which consequences did this have in the body-mind-field and what attitude and behavior resulted out of it?

The Body as the Temple of the Soul
How does the personal history become visible? In your personal development you formed inner working models, that influence your emotions, body reactions, thinking, behavior and beliefs. In our work we call them Personality Reactions Patterns™. They fulfilled an important need in your early development, but often are not adequate any more for who you are today.

By experiencing and observing body reactions, and understanding the underlying needs and learning how to nourish them, you can successfully learn to change these patterns*.
* Find more in-depth material in our 10-page curriculum for the training in Core Evolution – an Integrative Body-Oriented and Mindfulness-Centered Training.

Love is the Resonance with the Flow of Life™
Love as an energetic state. Whether you choose to be single or to be in relationship, you need to relate and communicate. Exploring needs and wants. Heart communication, intimacy, authenticity and healthy boundaries.

The experience of love unifies all these aspects and with that, effects every state of people’s lives. A person in love will communicate and create from a place of harmony, well-being, peace, joy and a sense of fulfillment. We open up for new choices in our thinking and behavior.

Watch an interview with Siegmar at or inquire about the 8 page interview with Siegmar on this topic.

The Wild-Heart Meditation™
The dance of energy and consciousness – a movement exploration to celebrate life. A joy-filled, transformative process of inner and outer movement, including dance, authentic movement, creative expression, communication, meditation and more.

The essence of Core Evolution moves personal insight beyond therapy.
It is not about adapting or changing, but about understanding and becoming who you truly are.

Enrollment and further information for registration:

Enjoy the ambiance of Tuscany, sunny days, the pool, gentle evenings, clean food, gourmet wines, good company and more. This popular international Intensive takes place in a beautiful villa in the triangle of Pisa-Florence-Siena.

Its all here. Join us this Summer!

Cost: Euro 475.- until May 2, 2016 early enrollment special
Euro 550.- after May 2, 2016

Cost for full-time students and participants aged 18 – 23:
Euro 295.- before May 2, 2016
Euro 365.- after May 2, 2016

Fee for the Intensive does not include room and board.
Double occupancy is € 90.- per day. This fee includes 3 delicious mostly vegetarian meals, coffee and tea. Rooms directly in the Villa are limited to 22 Participants.
This seminar will fill!

Utilize the early enrollment discount; secure your room and participation soon!

Please let us know if you have any further questions on registration, room reservations and travel: Info@ you may also call: in Europe +49.201.958.9394 or USA +1.707.937.2309

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