October 25th (Tuesday) & October 27th (Thursday)

7:00 PM EST


AhahnthumbBoston area psychologist Andy Hahn will discuss a revolutionary way of using body Psychotherapy to understand and resolve trauma elegantly and efficiently

This is a two-part webinar where each part can stand alone.


Part 1

Healing Universal Patterns That Arise Out of  Life Experience

There are many Universal patterns, arising out of life experience, that underlie the problems and suffering that our clients report. Examples of such patterns include neglect, betrayal, feeling cursed, creating an obscuring identity to protect a true self that is afraid of being annihilated… If you can discover and resolve the underlying pattern, many disparate and seemingly non related problems might all resolved simultaneously. In this webinar, I will spell out what these patterns are and teach you how to work with them.

Learning Objectives.  Participants will be able to:

  1. Describe what trauma is and how to master it.
  2. Identify at least five Universal patterns that arise out of life experience.
  3. Describe two interventions and practices to resolve and heal these patterns.

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Part 2

Healing Universal Patterns Through Which We Experience Life

In our experience, there are certain core Universal themes that do not arise out of life experience but instead organize our whole way of experiencing life. Out of these core lenses, our fundamental motivations and ways of paying attention arise.

We believe that these Core Lenses also arise out of trauma. In this case, however, the trauma is at a Soul and not material Level. The trauma arises out of the experience of embodiment itself and our inability to handle, on one level, the movement from being Unity to being Dual.

As with all trauma, there arises associated Core Fears and limiting negative beliefs we have about ourselves. Most mystical religious traditions, and even American Psychiatry, says that there are nine such core limiting beliefs. Our personalities therefore are, in part, obsessive compulsive identities that served to protect us from having to experience these Core Fears and Associated negative limiting beliefs about ourselves

Learning Objectives: In this webinar, we will…

And participants will be able to:

  1. Describe how our fundamental Core Fears arise out of a trauma.
  1. Identify 9 core fears.
  1. Identify a process for mastering and healing the core fears.

Once you purchase your seat for the webinar you will be registered within 12 hours.

Cut off for registration is Thursday, October 27th @ 3:pm CST