Official name of organization: The Hakomi Institute

Address: PO Box 1873, Boulder, CO 80306
Phone: 303.499.6699 or 888.421.6699 (toll free in the US)
Web site URL:

Program Title:
Workshops and Trainings in the Hakomi Method of Experiential Psychotherapy

Description of organization and/or program: Hakomi is a body-centered, experiential psychotherapy. The Hakomi process is conducted in mindfulness, so the client actually learns mindfulness during the course of therapy. In an atmosphere of loving presence, the therapist uses a unique, somatically-oriented methodology to rapidly, yet safely access unconscious material. These deeply held core beliefs and experiences tend to control our conscious lives from an unconscious level. Once brought to awareness, they can be integrated, re-evaluated, and changed. Hakomi is appropriate for both short- and long-term therapy, and integrates well with many other disciplines.

Date Program Established: 1981

Number of grads per year: 200

Required Hours: 60 training days for two-year Comprehensive Training; shorter, specialized trainings available.

Number of months/years to complete program: Two years for Comprehensive Training

Clinic, internship and community outreach components of program: none

Number of hours/credits for certificate: Varies
-Classroom hours: 350 for Comprehensive Training
-Clinic: none

Location of facility: Training centers throughout the U.S., Canada, and overseas

Tuition Information: Introductory workshops approximately $200-$250. Comprehensive training approximately $2750-$3500/year Shorter specialized trainings available.

Financial Aid: Varies with location

Application Fees(s): $50

Enrollment Periods: varies with location

Contact information for requesting Catalogs and Applications: Laurie Adato, Administrative Director, Hakomi Institute, 303.499.6699 or 888.421.6699;

The Hakomi Institute is an Institutional Member of USABP