Austin, TX – April 21 – 22
Sol Healing and Wellness Center, 13805 Ann Pl
Austin , TX 78728

In this introductory workshop we will explore some of the foundational Hakomi concepts and techniques as applied to working with couples. This workshop is open to all – single people, couples, therapists, non-therapists, etc. This workshop will count as a prerequisite for the Hakomi Comprehensive Training beginning in February 2019.

What you will learn:

The basic Hakomi Principles and some Hakomi Techniques

Listening with Loving Presence: How to be totally present to your partner’s experience without getting defensive

Pressing the Pause Button: Bringing the power of mindfulness and emotional self-regulation into relationship

The Dovetail Fit: Identifying the intersection of each individuals core material from childhood and how triggering that can be

Jumping Out of the System: Working with your partner to identify repetitive hurtful patterns in relationship & how to shift them

The Next Step: The value of focusing on the very next supportive step rather than on some overwhelming long-term goal

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