Thursday Night

July 19, 2018

Live Demonstration Webinar With Andy

Topic: The Body Holds the Key: Understanding and Application – Demonstration of the Work

This webinar will be available till August 3, 2018.


The body holds the key means two things. First, the body holds all trauma as a record that reveals itself through Body Sensations. Second, there is a deepest inner knowing that is our life force that can be accessed through the body. It knows exactly why we are suffering and how to resolve it.
Let’s deepen our understanding together of what the body holds the key means and learn how to apply it by doing a demonstration of the work.


Andrew Hahn Psy.D. is a licensed clinical psychologist and founder of Life Centered Therapy (formerly Guided Self Healing), an energy psychospiritual mindbody framework for healing our deepest trauma. He also teaches workshops nationally on the Enneagram and the Essence Process (which he developed).











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